Protalix is a publicly traded biotechnology company (NYSE Amex: PLX), that is producing recombinant therapeutic proteins through the ProCellEx™ plant cell system.

Protein Production:

Plant-based recombinant protein production systems offer distinct advantages over mammalian cell culture systems:

Cost-Effective Protein Production

Plant-based systems are capable of producing high quantities of complex proteins at a dramatically lower cost than mammalian cell culture systems. Such plant-based systems offer greater scalability than alternative systems and almost unlimited capacity, while incurring relatively small increases in cost as production ramps.


There are no known risks of contamination from animal, bacterial, or viral pathogens in a plant-based system.

Protein Assembly & Post-Translation Modifications

In contrast to bacterial fermentation techniques, plant-based systems are able to maintain antibody assembly and function. In addition, they are capable of carrying out a number of post-translation modifications, such as glycosilation, in a manner similar to that performed in the human body. This enables the production of more complex proteins such as those used for human therapeutics.

Range of Expression

Plant-based systems are capable of expressing unique antibody subtypes and other proteins not expressed in mammalian cell culture system. We have been successful in expressing proteins that have yet to be successfully expressed in any other production systems.

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