Protalix is a publicly traded biotechnology company (NYSE Amex: PLX), that is producing recombinant therapeutic proteins through the ProCellEx™ plant cell system.

Platform Technology:

Protalix's novel bioreactor plant cell system, based on disposable plastic vials, is the first of its kind. The closed system provides stable, optimized conditions, with manufacturing capabilities for the entire range of proteins, including antibodies, complex enzymes, and plant-derived pharmaceuticals.

Plant cell cultures are grown on aqueous media consisting of highly purified water and defined inorganic nutrients in a completely closed and controlled environment. Protalix's patented bioreactor system utilizes sterilized, large flexible plastic containers for culturing and harvesting cells in consecutive cycles, with a central unit providing oxygen and nutrients. The vials have been designed to allow for the removal of excess air and waste gases, as well as the introduction of inoculants and culture media.

The entire process is conducted in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)-approved production suite with optimized temperature, lighting, air and nutrient supplies. Because all components of the system are fixed, purification techniques for each specific protein are highly efficient.

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